About Us

JuicerVital.com is to give quality information about juicing fruits and vegetables, get the best out of the juicer, product reviews, and article discussion for best tips to juicing as a family. It is our mission to give clear and concise advise on how to juice for a lifestyle or for a good nutrition drink. Having a juicer gives many benefits and is enjoyed by all age groups. We ask that our visitors leave comments, discussion, and questions after most articles.

Every wonder why you are so tired most of the time, it is mostly in the foods that we eat, our bodies do not generally get the vitamins we require to function normal.  I hope you like this site, I truly enjoy helping people with making their choices easier.

Affiliate Business

Fast forward a little time,  besides being a kind of energy guy in the sports field, I also started working in a new career. I am an affiliate marketer on the internet. What that means is I  build websites to promote products that can help people in different areas of their life.  Other words, I can earn a commission when someone buys a product through this site, and no I do not ship the product myself.

As an affiliate marketer, I have learned how to find and review products for quality and value.  Though not all people in this business are like this, I personally will not promote a product that I believe does not create value for the people I am promoting to.  Many people have asked if this is a legitimate deal.

Yes it is, but like any business there are many scam artists who try to rip people off unfortunately.  Running this type of business gives me the time and money to enjoy the things I love to do.

So I decided to bring these two aspects of my life together.  I will say I do get paid a comission for the products I promote. That is what pays the expenses to keep this site up, and to continue building on it.

Some people may think this is wrong. I urge those people to write a 10 page website, build it, promote it, and get it to show up in the search engines. Then multiply the work you did by the number of pages you see here. It takes a lot of work and is a full time job. So if you think everything on the internet should be free, learn how much work goes into it first.

Affiliate Link Disclosure

The FTC requires all advertisers on these type sites to disclose at each link that it is an affiliate link. There have been a few scam artists out there making a fortune making people believe they were giving impartial reviews and promotions of products they had never seen before. Now we must all disclose that we are getting paid for endorsing this product. My view is if you are endorsing quality products, why not admit you get reimbursed for your time and effort to promote those products.

That being said, any product you buy through my promotion is at your own risk. I do not guaruntee success for any product listed in these pages. Any discrepancies or problems with these products should be handled by the merchants that they are sold from.

If there is something you would like us to write about, contact us at JuicerVital.com