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The Easy Way to Get Healthy!

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You know it’s time to get healthy. You know that all doctors agree on one aspect of health: you will get healthier just by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. And you’ll admit that some of those vegetables just aren’t your favorite foods!

But if you mix the juice of those least favorite foods in with the juice of your favorite foods, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to drink your six servings of fruits and vegetables each day!

To get started, you’ll need a juicer. The Brevile Juicer line is an excellent line because it’s sturdy, easy to clean, and creates up to 50% more juice than other juicers. Juicer reviews generally rate the Breville Juicer line pretty high. Here’s the best way to consider which Breville juicer is exactly right for you:

• If you’ll be juicing primarily softer fruits and vegetables (cucumber, tomato, strawberries, melons,  cauliflower, etc.), get the Breville JE95XL juicer because it has two speeds, a low speed for the soft fruits and vegetables, and a high speed for vegetables and fruits with more texture like celery, carrots, pineapple, beets and parsnips.

The Ultimate Raw Food Eating For Energy

• If you will be juicing primarily carrots, celery, parsnips, beets, pineapple, fennel, apples, and other textured veggies, you won’t need two speeds. Consider the Breville Fountain JE900 Juice Juicer. 

Both these juicers, the Breville Juicer JE900 and the JE95XL  are easy to clean and ranked amongst North America’s Fastest Juicers, creating 8 oz. of freshly made and healthy beverage drink in 5 seconds! Both are around in the same price range.

• Are you a ‘Just give me the standard model’ kind of person or a ‘Let me see what else is available’ kind of person when you buy products? 

If you’re the type of person who loves to get products that are a step above the average ones everyone else uses, you’ll want to consider the Breville JE95. This juicer has the same two speeds but automatically adjusts itself to whatever you are juicing. You can expect 8 to 10 oz. freshly made juice extracted in 5 seconds from a pound of fruits or vegetables and that means you can have your juice in the morning before you go to work even when running late.

The Ultimate Raw Food Eating For Energy

Breville JE95 has one strong motor, spinning at over 14,000 RPMS and is professional grade. With this professional grade juicer, you do less food cutting because the feed chute is 3 inches wide. With a larger pulp container, you can juice away to your heart’s content while singing an entire song in the kitchen for a long time before having to discard the pulp. You’ll find a 5-year limited warranty on the 1 Horsepower motor), as well. The micro mesh filter system in Breville juicers is what makes them so special and allows you to get more juice. This model includes a 1-liter juice jug for your freshly made juice..

• If you’re practical and down-to-earth and like to order something that will last for a lifetime and is the best juicer in the line, the Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer is for you. Moms who juice for the entire family love this extractor. It’s a home use model, made of durable zinc and stainless steel. You’ll find a 2-speed motor with a speed sensor monitored by computer chip inside the machine. Imagine an extra wide 3 inch feed tube with stainless steel feed chute that eliminates cutting apples, peaches and tomatoes, built-in froth separator, a very large pulp container (fits 3.5 liters of pulp), and a 1-liter juice jug with lid, handle, 3-year motor warranty and 1-year product warranty. It’s really every mom’s dream juicer.

• The Breville Ikon 5 Speed Juicer is for those who absolutely have to have the latest technological advancements to show off to their friends. This juicer has an LCD screen that tells you how fast its motor is juicing away your fruits and veggies! There’s nothing like a little feedback on how you’re juicing during the process. You’ll hear the Breville Ikon 5 Speed Juicer revving up its motor from 6500 RPM to 13,000 RPM and will be convinced of its durability once you see the titanium blade assembly and the stainless steel base and feed shoot. This one is kid-proof, too because it won’t turn on if not assembled correctly. There’s a bigger feed chute, 3-1/4 inches wide, and an extra large 1.2 liter juice jug with froth separator. Don’t worry about pulp buildup in the container; you’ve got a 3 liter container that will store quite a bit!

The Ultimate Raw Food Eating For Energy

If you’ll be traveling and want to bring your juicer, or if you don’t like bulky kitchen appliances, try the Breville Compact Juicer, BJE200XL model. It has an internal container but is just as powerful as some of the other Breville juicers, spinning at 14,000 RPM and producing 8 oz. of juice in 5 seconds. You can make about 1-1/2 quarts of juice before you have to empty the pulp container. The feed is still a large 3 inches. 

Make your selection of this wonderful line of juicers now or email us with specific questions.  It’s time to get healthy!

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