GreenStar Juicer

Invention Beats All Other Juicers by Providing the Highest Mineral Content

greenstar juicerOne thing that many juicers have difficulty with is juicing green leafy vegetables. With the Green Star Juicers product line designed for extracting green juices, you get high volumes of liquid with tremendous ease. And you get it without high speed chopping blades and spinning baskets. The Green Power juicer, also called the Green Star juicer, slowly presses the fruits and vegetables, gently pressing out the juice.

One of the most interesting points about Greenstar juicers is that fruit and vegetable juices prepared with this type of juicer contain a substantially higher quantity of minerals than other juicers. Its patented and award-winning design actually includes powerful magnets built into the twin gears that draw the minerals into the juice with a powerful magnetic force.

The Ultimate GreenStar Juicer

This creates maximum nutritional quality. When comparing the juice from different juicers to the Green star juicer juice, you’ll find 50-200% higher levels of essential minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc in the Green star. That’s a remarkable comparison, especially since most Americans are deficient in calcium, iron, and zinc, according to nutritional studies.

When a Green Power juicer combines the effect of slow speed with the effect of magnetism, the result is that there’s less oxidation of the cells. Oxidation produces plenty of free radicals which increase aging, and any time you can reduce oxidation, you are helping improve your health and preventing aging. However there are added benefits: after creating the juice, it stays fresh for a much longer time in the refrigerator. It even tastes more alive than other juices.

Tribest GreenStar Juicers and Accessories

Experts at GreenStar Juicer have found that the magnetic field mellows the taste of the dark green leafy vegetables which can tend to taste bitter. This is a great benefit for moms trying to get the kids to drink more natural juices instead of Coca-Cola, sugary drinks and carbonated beverages.

The GreenStar juice extractor line contains several models: the Green Star 1000 juicer, Green Star 2000 juicer, and the GreenStar 3000 juicer (the cadillac version). Almost all models will process raw nuts and grains without subjecting them to high heat that kills nutrients.

Choose the GreenStar 1000, 2000, and 3000 Juicer

The juicers can handle wheatgrass as well. The only difference between them is that some models do not include additional attachments; all have the powerful magnetic twin gears and similar construction. The Green star juicer line juicers can also make pasta, desserts like ice cream and sherbet, and baby foods, similar to the Champion juicer. All models are deluxe versions and well worth the price.

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