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jack lalanne juicerWhen 92-year-old juicer Jack LaLanne started juicing over 2 decades ago, he had one goal in mind: to get healthy. After juicing fruits and vegetables to regain his health, Jack LaLanne decided that he couldn’t sit still anymore and stay in retirement. He had to help others get healthy and got busy creating his own jack lalannes juicer deluxe line.

The Jack LaLane’s Power Juicer line of fruit and vegetable juicers now includes the Power Juicer, Power Juicer Pro, Power Juicer Elite, Power Juicer Platinum, and Power Juicer Express. Because he understands the importance of family members juicing together – and knows that watching the juice come out the non-drip spout is a lot more exciting than spending time cutting the fruits and vegetables, he created his juicers with extra large feed chutes. Just drop in a whole apple and within seconds, you’ll have juice. Quick assembly of parts and easy cleaning are two primary features of these juicers.

Jack LaLane Power Juicer Pro

With some Jack LaLane juicers, you’ll be able to juice more difficult-to-juice vegetables and fruits such as pineapple with the rinds. It’s great to Juice cherries without the cumbersome process of cutting open each cherry and taking the time to discard the seed. Wheatgrass is not a problem with this juicer, either. And because of all his dedication and perseverance, he was able to create a whisper-quiet juicer motor that boasts a 100-year limited warranty.

With a grinding wheel and E-Z loader attachment added to the Power Juicing Elite, you can go beyond regular juicing and make soy milk, rice milk and almond milk. This attachment also allows you to juice pomegranates, extracting the juice out of every one of the hundreds of pomegranate seeds.

If you’re looking for a commercial juicer, buy Jack LaLane Juicer, your choice would be the new Jack LaLane Juicer called the Power Juicer Platinum. This commercial quality juicer makes freshly squeezed juice fast while retaining the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. Owner manual is included, as with all other deluxe juicers in the line.

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The Jack LaLane Juicer line also includes a model called the HealthMaster 100, which allows you to prepare soups, fondues, sauces and specialty coffees. This model won’t juice but does create healthy frozen drinks and frosty drinks fast is especially important in the summer months when looking for party alternatives. This kitchen appliance does the job of about 31 different kitchen jobs and surprisingly doesn’t have a lot of parts to clean. You won’t even need a stove to heat up the soups and fondues when using this machine. The HealthMaster 100 System has a 100-year limited warranty on the motor. 

You can even find some Jack LaLane Juicers on Amazon. As Jack LaLane says, “Get started and unlock the power of natural juice today. Juicing is the easiest way to save your life and I guarantee it!”

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