Juicerman 2 Speed Extractor

Why Buy a Juicerman 2 Speed Extractor?

Juicerman 2 Speed ExtractorIf you’re thinking about buying the Juicerman 2 Speed Extractor, you might like to learn a little bit about the product beforehand. So, here’s a look at the products available from the “Juice Man”, as well as a little background on the company.

The company vision has to do with the healthfulness of fresh fruits and vegetables. Incorporating more daily servings of fruits and vegetables into your diet is recommended by healthcare professionals everywhere. Drinking juices is an easy and convenient way to do that.

Juices are a healthier alternative to sodas and other artificially sweetened beverages. Drinking plain water every day can get boring. Having fresh juices on hand, or the ability to create them quickly and inexpensively is one of the advantages of owning a Juicerman Jr Juice Extractor or any of the other models.

Most people are aware of the popularity of juice bars and fruit smoothies. Those things can become quite expensive. They cost a great deal more than the individual ingredients. Besides, some bars add sugar and other ingredients that increase the calorie count, without increasing the nutritional value.

Buy Juiceman 2-Speed Juice Extractor Today

With a Juicerman 2 Speed Extractor you get the nutrients at a low price and you are in control of what goes into your beverages. For someone that enjoys juices, the cost of the juicers can be recouped in a matter of months.

The Juicerman Jr Juice Extractor is actually one of the older models, although you can still purchase new and used ones from online retailers and possibly in department stores. The latest models include the JM503, JM502, JM400 and JM300. Those are the models that are described in full detail at the company’s official website.

The selling point of the Juicerman Jr Juice Extractor is that they are smaller, better suited for the single person or someone that rarely juices. The junior versions cost a little less than the Juicerman 2 Speed Extractor stainless steel version, but the difference in price is only about $10.

The retail price of the all white plastic Juicerman 2 is around $50, which is about the same price as a new Juicerman Jr Juice Extractor. The stainless steel JM 400 retails for closer to $60.

Buy Juiceman 2-Speed Juice Extractor Today

The JM503 can only be described as the ultimate juicer. With three speeds and a full 1000 watts of power, there is nothing faster on the market. The wide mouth allows for juicing whole fruits and vegetables without endless cutting or dicing.

The price of the JM503 is understandably higher than the Juicerman 2 Speed Extractor or the junior versions, but so are the customer ratings and reviews. The choice is yours. The most important thing is that you get plenty of fruits and veggies, every day.