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Champion Juicer

If you do a comparison of all juicers on the market, the Champion brand is the one that built longevity into its products. Their manufacturers have produced high quality juicers since 1955. At that time the only people using juicers and juicing fruits and vegetables were those with cancer making carrot juice. Prior to this, people tried their best to squeeze ground carrots through cheesecloth in an attempt to get freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juice.

Since then, Champion juicers have become like little housemaids in your kitchen because they do almost everything! With the Champion juicer, you can create great-tasting juices, make nut butters, baby foods, fruit sauces, salsas, sherbets, fruit smoothies, and by adding a grain mill attachment, you can even turn grains into flour. That means you can essentially get a juicer, blender, grain mill, baby food maker, salsa maker, and ice cream maker all in one machine, making it the cheapest way to stock your kitchen with equipment you need to prepare a wholesome diet. When customers do juicer reviews, they love the Champion juicers and many of them have kept them throughout the years.

Champion Grain Mill AttachmentThe Champion 2000+ juicer can only perform many different kitchen ‘services’, juicing, making baby food, salsa, ice cream and more, because of its powerful heavy-duty motor that delivers industrial-strength power. Its stainless steel blades and shaft never separate, twist, tarnish or rust.  That’s why you’ll find a 10-year limited warranty on all Champion juicer parts and motors. The Champion juicer is commercial grade quality and is available in different model types to match your electrical outlet needs, whether you live in the U.S. and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, or in other countries. 

In the Champion product line, you’ll find Champion juicers, household grade and commercial Champion juicers, too. Replacement parts for Champion juicers are easily obtained; the company will be in business for at least another 50 years!

What most kitchen chefs like about the Chamion juicer is that the stainless steel interior parts resist food odor, so you could use the juicer to create a salsa combination of tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro and parsley that will fill your kitchen with wonderful aromas, and your next juice won’t contain any residual flavors.

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Because the Champion 2000+ juicer masticates the foods to release nutrients, you’ll find pulp that is pale because all of the dark rich pigments are in your glass of fresh juice. The phytonutrients won’t be in the pulp that’s discarded. By using a Champion juicer, you’ll get healthier while your family enjoys the rich benefits of adding many more wholesome foods and beverages to their diet.