Vitamix Blender 4500

Tip Top Shape with Vitamix Blender 4500

You may ask about where to buy vitamix blender and some may even wonder what the product Vitamix blender 4500 is all about in the first place. The company has been creating the best blenders for eighty years and Vitamix first came out as one of the early innovations in the technology of blenders. Today, not only does the company boast of top quality products including the Vitamix blender 4500 but their brand is one of the most preferred when it comes to fine restaurants and most food service establishments. There have been much research done with the revisions in the overall product composition for the Vitamix blender 4500 and with this product’s presence in the market; here are some of the changes that people should look out for.

Better Performance For The Vitamix Turboblender 4500

Vitamix Blender 4500When it comes to the new Vitamix blender 4500 consumers can expect to find that the new product consists of a new BPA-free Carafe made Eastman Tritan material. When you ask further about the major changes in the product, Vitamix claims that the primary component of the container was replaced because there has been some bad press when it comes to the containers, especially those fabricated out of BPA and other polycarbonate materials. So when the company made the Vitamix blender 4500 they made sure of using nothing but carafe.

Also the product makes use of a new lid locking mechanism that allows for anyone to take off the lid much easier than before. The old packaging lid had a child safety feature but it also made opening of the product difficult for the adult consumers. The lid often got stuck when pressed against the carafe material and so the company considered and fixed this problem with the release of the new Vitamix blender 4500.

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Healthy Add-Ons For Your Vitamix Blender Purchase

Other than the packaging the newly released Vitamix blender 4500 now comes with a new, better, and healthier recipe book when compared with the old one, it has been dressed up as well as cleaned up so the recipes focused more on healthier options than anything else. Consumers will be amazed with the new cooler running motor as well. This new and more efficient 2 Peak HP motor makes use of the same specs but runs much cooler than the older versions. This is very important especially when you make use of the Vitamix blender 4500 for extended periods of time, like when you use the product to make soup or similar dishes. Lastly you will definitely enjoy the new fade style faceplate graphics of the new Vitamix blender 4500.

When it comes to the Vitamix blender 4500 it is a product that makes purees and blends ingredients much faster and smoother when compared with the other blenders in the market. With the 2 speed function of this machine, it ensures perfect consistency each and every time. You will not see any food chunks, separation of even ice jams when you use this wonderful product.

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