Waring Professional Juicer Extractor

The Benefits of the Waring Professional Juice Extractor

Waring Professional Juicer ExtractorThe Waring professional juice extractor line currently includes three models, although others are still available from some retailers. All three are heavy-duty extractors designed for daily use at restaurants and beverage bars.

The Waring health juice extractor is a model that was designed for home use, in response to the popularity of “juicing” as a way to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. It is still sold at a variety of online retailers. The customer reviews are mostly positive 4 and 5 star ratings.

The Waring professional juice extractor model WJX50 can be used for juicing whole fruits and vegetables, as well as citrus fruit. A separate citrus attachment is included at no extra charge.

More Info on Waring WJX50 Juice Extactor with Pulp Ejection

The WJX50 has 1.3 horsepower or 1000 watts, as do most professional blenders. The rpms are 6500 on the low speed and 13,000 on high. The feed chute is 3 inches in size, not the largest on the market, but not the smallest, either. It’s about the size of a plum.

The Waring health juice extractor has only a 400 watt motor. The majority of household blenders have between 500 and 700 watts of power. But, consumer surveys indicate that wattage is not necessarily equivalent to performance. In other words, you might be happy with the lower wattage.

The retail list price of the Waring health juice extractor is $130, but it can be purchased new from online retailers for less than $60. Used and refurbished ones can be purchased for less than $40. For someone that is new to the idea of juicing, this may be the perfect brand to start with.

The Waring professional juice extractor models are understandably more expensive, because of the ability to provide more volume. All models made by the company are of the centrifugal type, which uses blades and a sieve to separate juice from pulp and other components of the fresh foods.

If you are looking for something for home use, you might want to compare the Waring health juice extractor to a masticating or triturating type. The other types cost even more, but they provide more juice.

More info on Waring WJX50 Juice Extactor with Pulp Ejection

If less pulp or fewer chunks of fruits or vegetables is important to you, the masticating or triturating types may prove to be more satisfactory. Some users have complained about chunks being found in the glass, after the extraction process is complete.

The Waring professional juice extractor should be satisfactory for homeowners, regardless of how picky they might be.

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